Re-elect Al Sizer for Ward 8

Al Sizer

This will be my third time on City Council. My first experience at the council table was an abbreviated on as I was appointed by the then Council to replace the vacancy that resulted from an untimely absence of a sitting Councillor. In the 2014 election I was challenged by 4 other candidates and won the ward by a clear majority.

I have spent my entire professional life working to serve the citizens of the community and it continues to be my defining priority.

This city is truly the Capital of the North.  We have such a great diversity of individuals driven by the many new development and emphasis.  We must continue to work on collaboration with our Health Services sector, Science North, our post secondary education institutions , our mining manufacturing sector as well as the many professional engineers who make our City distinct.

In the 2014 election campaign I stated we needed a Counsil that is cooperative and works for the betterment of the entire city.  I said we needed Councillors not afraid to lead, work with other council members and The Mayor to be an effective efficient City government.  I promised we would listen to citizens, receive their input on many issues and make decisions with your input being considered.  I encouraged the consultation.  We must continue to "push the envelope" to take advantage of opportunities presented.  I am the candidate who will help accomplish these goals.

Thank you!